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Prepping for 2018

Just how much work is it to plant a 7-acre corn maze every year? Here are some photos to give you an idea of what it looks like as we prepared for the 2018 corn maze, which opened on August 24th.

You'll see some pictures of old corn cobs and stalks in the dirt – you can see how our rotovator churns the old plants back in to help enrich the soil. Of course as you can see in the picture of the Tim Horton’s lid that plastic lids from hot drinks stay unaltered in the soil.

You may also notice that Murray has 2 “new” “toys” for 2018. We are proud to bring on a “new” (ancient) 4-row corn planter, so Murray planted the maze himself this year, instead of having our friendly neighbourhood dairy farmer. (A big, BIG thank you to Ben Cuthbert who planted the maze for us every year since 2002.)

We also got a “new” (newer) irrigation reel and sprinkler to help keep the fields saturated in what has been a challenging summer from a watering perspective. Things are looking pretty good here – we hope to see you at the maze soon!

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